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Nurota is famous, ancient and eternally alive with the unique architectural and natural-geographic monuments. This city is evidence of active trade and economic contacts of the Middle Ages. It keeps “secret” stories that have yet to be uncovered. Until now, no one knows why the lights of spring “Chashma” rises to the sky, “a ray of the divine”, therefore the most of tourists are hurrying to see this unusual appearance of nature.
Currently, to the place of pilgrimage in Nurota, thousands of tourists visit every year. The city preserved the architectural and historical buildings, such as the famous old spring «Chashma», mosque of «Chilustun» (Forty-column) (IX–XX centuries), the Mosque of «Big Dome», «Sayidota», «Oqmasjid», «Bargsuz»  (end of the XIX century), sauna of «Sudur Bobo». Nurota has been a particularly important strategic, cultural facility for Muslims for thousands of years.

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